HUS Jorvi Surgical Polyclinic

Colourful spaces through renovation

Client: HUS
Construction: 2018-2021

The former emergency area of Jorvi hospital were renovated into spaces for a surgical polyclinic.

30 doctor’s offices and 4 procedure rooms were constructed. In addition to the procedure rooms, clean and dirty utility rooms were also built. Back-office spaces, dictation rooms, meeting and break rooms were constructed for staff members. A new entrance leading directly to the surgical polyclinic on the first floor up from the ground floor was added to the building. Project size: 1,870 gsm.

The premise of the design was to use bright colours and to guide patients to nearby wards using each ward’s signature colour. A turquoise central lobby and new signage design reinforced the HUS-brand and its recognizability. Appreciation for patients and the liveliness of the experience were expressed, for example, through out-of-the-ordinary wall tiling. The art prints on the walls make for interesting views and shifting atmospheres.

Lead and construction design by Heini Mensio, and interior design by Marjo Tuhkanen.
Photos: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy, Anders Portman

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