Main Health Centre of Savonlinna

Client: Sosteri
Year: 2018-2022

The new Main Health Centre was built to replace the discontinued functions housed in the old Health Centre of Savonlinna. To achieve beneficial synergies, the new building was constructed in conjunction with the Savonlinna Central Hospital. This allowed collaboration between different units and seamless healthcare pathways for the patients.

The Main Health Centre drew its design themes from the notable features, culture, and history of the surrounding towns. In addition to Savonlinna, the centre serves the residents of Enonkoski, Rantasalmi, and Sulkava.

The gross area of the building is 11,300 m2, the gross floor area 10,350 m2, and the volume c. 44,000 m3.

The functions housed in the new building are physiotherapy and rehabilitation, a dental clinic, laboratories, a health centre with doctor’s offices, child and youth services, a pregnancy and early years clinic, children’s social services as well as rehabilitation units 1 and 2. In addition to this, the building contains joint meeting and multifunctional facilities, air-raid shelters, and necessary technical spaces.

The Main Health Centre is connected to the main hospital via a glass-covered atrium. Roads, parking, and urban green areas outside the hospital area were also renewed.

Lead designer: Susanna Kalkkinen
Project architect: Markku Fontell
Façade and interior art design: Mikko Sinervo
Interior and colour design: Riitta Pikkuhookana and Marjo Tuhkanen
Design coordination, building design, and garden design: Annette Jonsson
Door design; Krister Andersson.

Photos: Wellu Hämäläinen

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