HUS Surgery Outpatient Clinc

The former ER facilites at Jorvi Hospital were renovated to house the Surgery Outpatient Clinic.

Client: HUS
Construction: 2018–2021

The new premises consist of 30 examination rooms and four operation rooms.  On top of this, new spaces were built for medical instrument maintenance and storage. The staff received new offices an break rooms. A new entrance was constructed to allow direct entry from the first floor.  The total gross area of the project is 1870 square-meters.

Our starting point for the design was to create a vibrant enviroment in which the colors would also help way-finding.  Turquoise, together with brand-new signage, was used to strengthen the Hospital District’s brand. We also wanted to show our appreciation of the clients by using out-of-the-box tile decorations and adding numerous large-scale art prints around the premises.

The design was carried out by Heini Mensio and Marjo Tuhkanen.

Pictures by Anders Portman, Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy


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